SICOCOTE SUPER truly superior advanced controlled release fertilizers (CRF)

Launching our new range of SICOCOTE ® SUPER truly superior advanced controlled release fertilisers (CRF).

SICOCOTE SUPER is a mineral fertiliser with a polymer coating made from organic materials, which degrades naturally in time. The coating encapsulates the Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) as well as other nutrients or trace elements.

SICOCOTE SUPER releases the right amount of specific nutrients over a given period of time. After being applied, the granule attracts water and it passes through the coating. The dissolved nutrients are subsequently released into the soil due to osmosis and dissolving. Depending on the product design the nutrients are released over a period from 2 to 18 months. The release period is predictable, no nutrient leaching occurs and the product is safe against scorching.

SICOCOTE® SUPER built around specific categories of crops & plants

  • Our portfolio has > 170 standard formulas for specific plants & crops or for general use.
  • Both for single fertilisers (straights) and compound NPK’s.
  • Possibility to produce also tailormade customised blends.
  • Coating 20% N to 100% total.
  • Longevity : ranging from 2-18 months (M).
  • Average granule size of ca. 3.1 mm (standard) and 1.8 mm (mini).

per formula (so 2 formulas possible per 20ft).

More literature will shortly be available on our website !


Quick contact

Sap International Corporation BVBA

Krekelenberg 63 B-2980 Zoersel Belgium

Tel: +32 3 303 06 51

Fax: +32 3 303 19 31


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