Revita-HAFA our bestselling humic and fulvic acid fertiliser

100% based on vegetal origin, high humic & fulvic acid content suitable for organic agriculture                

REVITA-HAFA is a fertiliser with a high content of organic matter, amino acids & peptides.

REVITA-HAFA is the best organic fertiliser for soil applications because it stimulates the natural fertility and the biological activity of the microflora present in the soil. In this way the cultivated crops’ capacity to absorb the mineral fertilisers applied during the crop cycle will be enhanced and more efficient.
They are strongly recommended for most horticultural crops and fruit trees
The high content of humic and fulvic acids contained in REVITA-HAFAincreases the soil’s capacity for ion exchange, naturally increasing its fertility.

It is rich in organic carbon from vegetable origin and the natural bio activators which stimulate the metabolism of the plant (from Humic and Fulvic acids as well from Polisaccharides).  It activates the microbial flora and acts directly on the structure of the soil by creating favorable conditions for absorption from root apparatus.  That makes it possible to improve the growth of the plant by supporting the enlargement of the fruits and by accelerating the processes of maturation in natural mode.

See datasheet ;

Indicative ex works prices are (to be updated against specific quantified enquiries) :

1/  packed in 1 ltr bottle x 16 per carton, 1008 ltr per pallet x 10Price ex works 1.50 Eur/ltr
2/  packed in 6 ltr cans x 2 per carton, 1200 ltr per pallet x 10 = 12,000 ltr/20ft containerPrice ex works 1.20 Eur/ltr
3/  packed in 10 x 1000 ltr IBC + 10 x 700 ltr IBC = 17,000 ltr/20ft containerPrice ex works 0.95 Eur/ltr


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Tel: +32 3 303 06 51

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