Highlighting our SICO-PERPLEX range of Multinutrient complexes (TOPSELLERS)
This range, based on the special Sico “ACID PERPLEX” formulation system, ensuring fast and efficient coverage, adhesion and uptake of the micronutrients, has been quite succesful since the first product SICO-PERPLEX was introduced early 2014, thanks to its competitive cost & quality (efficiency) ratio.Since then various more specific SICO-PERPLEX have been developed, offering one of the most cost effective micronutrient treatments.

The range comprises :

8.1.    SICO-PERPLEX range of Multinutrient complexes  (TOPSELLERS)
8.1.1. Sico-Perplex:  new multi-nutrient complex for plant stimulation & optimum levels of production (liquid) (a.o. for pistachio) = OUR ABSOLUTE TOPSELLER – see datasheet enclosed.A notice on impressive comparative test on sugarbeet in East Europe can be Emailed on request.
8.1.2. Sico-Perplex sugarbeet mix DF (also for rapes, peas/beans, leaf brassicas)
8.1.3. Sico-Perplex soypulse Mix DF (for all leguminous crops, soybean and other pulse crops)
8.1.4. Sico-Perplex Plus (liquid): new multi-nutrient complex, specially designed to counteract conditions caused by stress from excessive heat Sico-Perplex Amino-30: A fully water soluble liquid plant growth stimulant for use in agriculture and horticulture containing nitrogen and 30% aminoacids of vegetable origin and betaines. Sico-Perplex Amino PGS: A fully water soluble liquid plant growth stimulant for use in agriculture and horticulture containing nitrogen and 30% aminoacids of vegetable origin. 
8.1.6.   Sico Bio-Perplex 100: New nutrient product carefully designed to stimulate plants into achieving optimum levels of production by improving flowering.

Datasheets for these other products can be Emailed or can be found on our new website.Min. order quantity = 1 pallet = 1000 kgs or 1008 lt (if 1 ltr bottle), so affordable to make a trial order to introduce these products also in your market.


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