8. SICOFERT® blended fertilisers - Tailormade (SICOGRAN* quality or granular bulk blend)

100% MOP based (C) or 100% SOP based (LC) or 50/50 MOP/SOP based (C/LC).
You ask us a certain composition in N-P-K, possible with trace elements and we calculate for you the best quality at the sharpest price (for all kind of crops : bananas, oil palm trees, cotton, vegetables, tobacco, rice, tea, maize, etc.)
For most formulas min. quantity is only 1 x 20ft container.
* SICOGRAN is SICO’s brandname for tailormade quality blends. With SICOGRAN we give a strewing and conservation guarantee which gives you full security about the quality of the blend. SICOGRAN raw materials are specially selected on uniform granule size, comparable specific weight and excellent mixability. Plse indicate us your requirements per ha and we calculate for you the right composition / formula.